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Deshler High School - 1st Semester Exam Schedule
Posted On:
Thursday, November 30, 2017
Exam Dates
Exam Dates

Deshler High School

1st Semester Exam Schedule



December 19th

8:00-9:45              1st Period Exam

10:00-11:30          3rd Period Exam


December 20th

8:00-9:45              4th Period Exam

10:00-11:30          5th Period Exam


No exams shall be given early.  All make-up exams will be given on January 8th or 9th and the student must communicate this to the teacher.  


Reminder of the exam exemption policy…

90+ average and 3 absences or less in that course.

80+ average and 2 absences or less in that course.

70+ average and 1 absence or less in that course.

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