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Artistic Renderings of Youth
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Monday, March 09, 2015
Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts
Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts
Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts
If you see these students in class, in the halls, or in the community please offer them a pat on the back for a job well done! The following students had pieces chosen to be in the Artistic Renderings of Youth art show at the Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts in Florence. Overall, Deshler High School had 27 pieces chosen to hang in the show and 2 winners! Our participation in the show more than doubled from last year. Thank you so much for supporting our young artists! There will be a reception at the Kennedy-Douglass center Thursday, March 12th. The show runs through April 10th. I hope you can make plans to stop by and see this fantastic show of such amazing artwork from students in the Shoals.  Click to see all the artwork
Ryan Claunch-1 piece
Kaitlyn Kimbrough- 2 pieces
Izaak Emmons- 1 piece
Summer Hall- 1 piece
August Walters- 2 pieces
Hannah Nelson- 1 piece
Christian Williams- 1 piece
Mitchell Holland- 1 piece
Larissa Johnson- 1 piece
Kierstan Buckner- 3 pieces (1st Place, Division II)
Anna Milstead- 3 pieces (Best in Show, Division II)
Cambridge Layfield-3 pieces
Macy Sheppard- 3 pieces
Hannah Greenleaf- 1 piece
Maggie Edwards- 3 pieces
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