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Mr.  Russell  I  Tate
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Principal's Corner

Great start to the year!

Parents and Stakeholders,


I want to thank you all for the wonderful start of the 2017-2018 school year.  This year we expect great things to happen at Deshler High School.  Last year was filled with the construction of our new science labs, career tech facilities, and new locker rooms, but we worked through those challenges and now have great learning facilities that rival colleges and culinary training restaurants.  The summer was filled with the usual cleaning of the school, but we also painted the inside hallways of the junior building and parts of the main building, installed new whiteboards in almost every classroom, created a new computer lab, and updated an existing room to be the new female workout facility.  We are also in the process of creating another lab that will be designed primarily for writing and student collaboration.  This is a truly magnificent time to be at Deshler High School.  Our students and teachers are excited to have these learning environments to work in and take pride in how far we have come. 


Student safety is of primary importance at DHS; thus, an important change has been made regarding checkout procedures.  We can no longer accept phone calls as a means of giving permission for student checkouts; a parent/guardian or someone on the student’s authorized checkout list MUST enter the building and sign out a student in the attendance office.  We understand that many of our students drive; in this case, it is fine for parents to come to the attendance office and sign out a student a few days prior to an appointment (doctor, dentist, orthodontist, etc.)  This new policy will ensure that parents/guardians are aware of all student checkouts which will make students safer.  I appreciate your support and understanding of this new policy.


Our theme for this year is R.O.C.K.  We want to be Ready, Oriented, Challenging, and Keen every day.  Teachers, students, and administrators will be ready to teach and learn at a deeper level than ever before.  We will be oriented on the goal of graduation and improving educational experiences.  We will challenge ourselves to perform at our highest abilities.  We will be keen in every aspect of the daily educational experience at Deshler High School.  We want to be razor sharp in our preparation and remove any barriers to learning this year.


Thank you for all you do for Deshler High School.  We look forward to what this year will bring in the lives of our teachers, staff, and students.